Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Visitors & Smoothies....

This month has been crazy so far. Lots of visitors and lots of things going on. The in-laws visited at the beginning of the month. Then Manda, Danielle, Alyssa and Malachi visited and I loved seeing you all, I had tons of fun! I love having visitors and opening my house to others! I've also been trying to have more people over during the week just to break up the everyday normal routine. It has been good!

I have also been on a smoothie kick lately. Dennis and I are doing the Dave Ramsy budgeting thing and trying to save money, so one way of doing this is eating less junk food and going out to eat less. To get our "sweets" or "dessert" fix, I have been making lots of smoothies. They are relatively inexpensive, tasty, and healthy (we are also trying to eat healthier).  I also got a little booklet of 50 smoothies recipes from the food network magazine, which helps me with ideas. I have tried mango-banana, (really good) strawberry-banana (good), strawberry shortcake (ok, kinda bland), creamy pineapple (good), mexican coffee (really good), banana-pear (ok, pear doesn't add much flavor), and cantelope strawberry (nasty, don't try it).  I'm sure I'll be making lots more, I'll let you know if I find some more really good ones!!


  1. oh, does anyone know if you can get an email alert sent when a new post is written? I want to know when you guys post :)!

  2. i added a "follow by email" ... top right :)

  3. One of my friends puts a little bit of spinach or carrots in her smoothies to add some vitamins and usually those are pretty unnoticeable... although I'm not sure if you could sneak those past Dennis :)