Wednesday, July 27, 2011


First of all, I'm glad I get to be included in this fabulous group of ladies!

Although I've been on study abroad, and mission trips, and seriously considered overseas missions as a career, I've never lived further away than an hour from my parents. This also means that I had high school friends, college friends, and church friends that all lived close by. I loved that we almost had too much going on, so many options!

In deciding to move to Hawaii, I knew it would be a little difficult to adjust from so much community, but I was a little excited to centralize my relationships. We were never able to really invite people from our neighborhood to church since it was so far, and many of our friends from church were equally as far in the other direction, making finding time for us to get together difficult. I'm excited for a community that can be more integrated!

So far the process has been slow, but encouraging. I meet a lot of people at the park, and a few have seemed likely friends. We currently live in Chinatown, so a good number of people I meet don't speak English. It's just hard knowing that it's a long battle to establish true friendships. And trying to keep up with people in Michigan (or elsewhere), while not dwelling on the past so I can make Hawaiian friends is hard.

What is most interesting to me in all of this is that most of you have moved away from MI long before me.

Any hints on starting fresh in a new place?


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Girly stuff :)

Heya ladies I am going to be posting some fun links ... that maybe you can give advice on, let me know if you want to help make things, ... :D

for example:    are super cute ... :D

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kelli's Bucket List

So here is my bucket list. It is mostly stuff I want to do since Elijah isn't old enough to really do much yet.

Summer/Fall 2011 “Bucket” List
Go to the beach with Elijah
Go to the Shipshewanna flea market
Have a garage sale
See fireworks
Go to Mackinaw Island (done)
Walk the board walk in Grand Haven, and maybe watch the musical fountains
Go to Ludington
Go camping for a weekend??? (Could be scary)
Go kayaking
Bike the Erie Lackawanna Trail
Visit downtown New Buffalo & Redamaks
Pick blueberries
Pick apples at Crane’s Orchard (or elsewhere), and of course get their cider & donuts
Fly a kite
See a movie in the theater

Monday, July 4, 2011

slightly vague bucket list

fine, fine, fine. I can make a bucket list, too...

(and here is another one!)   hehe... they are quite trendy, apparently.
This summer (which is speeding by too rapidly) I am going to attempt to:

1. set a date (we are thinking December)
2. get a LORT done on planning with your help and my right-hand-man's help :)  (yes, Davy)...
3. fly a kite
4. go camping (I've been asked already, woot!)
5. get a JOB so i can pay for wedding-y things
6. burn some things in a fire pit
7. run at least 8 miles again
8. find /buy a bike and ride it
9. not kiss my fiancee :)    (we've survived so far)
10. read a book of some sort that is at least a few pages long
11. finish christee and jordan's blanket (...)
12. surprise somebody with something amazing