Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's raining cats and dogs in here.

It is raining, and the house is leaking again.

I made some 'art' the other day. A friend and I went to Gone Wired Cafe to say goodbye to our friend Marie, who is heading to Australia for a year. At the cafe, they have a light box with sand on it and tools to make art in the sand. I made something neat, took a picture of it, and then used my handy photoshop iphone app to make it colorful. Here is the result, it think it's pretty neat:


  1. you could hang it by your shoe picture! :) is marie going ...for a boy?

  2. Thanks Danielle!

    @Amanda- what shoe picture? And yes, Marie is moving to australia for a year. Kristina is there. And the boy is there, but not the whole reason she's going.

  3. i think you had a picture of shoes you pasted to a piece of paper on your wall back in noviembre ... :)