Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a Super Nintendo World

Hmmm... so this is what is blog is!! I have leveled up in the technology world. If I were Mario, I would wear the big pants now!

Well, it's currently snowing outside and it makes me a little sad this time of year. I'm ready for hiking and exploring and seeing grass again, but I guess snow is good because it means more water and less wildfire. And now people in Denver can water their grass again.

Just got back from Cancun! (Which is why the snow is that much harder to deal with right now). We did a lot of beach bumming, soaking up the sun and we also got to see Chitchen Itza, the ancient Mayan ruins. The locals call it Chicken Pizza for us tourists. :) After visiting Mexico I want to learn more Spanish! (Amanda, want to be my online tutor?)

I think I will go plant my lettuce seeds in my indoor greenhouse now. AKA some clear plastic takeout boxes from Noodles & Co. And maybe in 2 months when it stops snowing I can transplant them outside! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

1 comment:

  1. spanishy tutor - sure! i'm maybe going to start tutoring koreans in english via my computer(??) :D

    also, way to go, greenthumb girl! :)

    i love dirt.