Monday, May 2, 2011

Elijah's Poem :)

Living with an almost-toddler can be interesting at times! Elijah has recently started throwning mini tantrums when he doesn't get something he wants and also has started protesting eating his veggies. I really didn't think that this stage started until later (he's not even 1 yet!), but now I know it starts WAY too early. I suppose each stage comes with fun/exciting parts and also hard/frustrating parts. I'm sure Danielle knows this too! So I got bored during lunch and wrote a poem from Elijah's perspective :):

Peas are good for squishing
And putting in my hair
Beans are good for throwing
Or hiding in my chair

"Eat all your yummy veggies"
Mommy likes to say
But I would so much rather
Play away the day


  1. Yup! I know all too well. Malachi was so laid back until a month or two after he started walking. That is when the tantrums and fussing started. Unfortunately, it gets worse. Though lately, there are times it is getting a little better, now that we are starting to understand him and he understanding us.

  2. I like your poem! I think everybody would rather play away the day

  3. Perhaps you can write a book of baby poems!