Monday, July 4, 2011

slightly vague bucket list

fine, fine, fine. I can make a bucket list, too...

(and here is another one!)   hehe... they are quite trendy, apparently.
This summer (which is speeding by too rapidly) I am going to attempt to:

1. set a date (we are thinking December)
2. get a LORT done on planning with your help and my right-hand-man's help :)  (yes, Davy)...
3. fly a kite
4. go camping (I've been asked already, woot!)
5. get a JOB so i can pay for wedding-y things
6. burn some things in a fire pit
7. run at least 8 miles again
8. find /buy a bike and ride it
9. not kiss my fiancee :)    (we've survived so far)
10. read a book of some sort that is at least a few pages long
11. finish christee and jordan's blanket (...)
12. surprise somebody with something amazing

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